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We understand that people aren’t just looking for products or services, they’re looking for an experience they can believe in. We collaborate with our clients to reveal critical insights, craft breakthrough strategies, and reach the right people with engaging, intuitive, and fulfilling communications and experiences that deliver on the promise of belief.

case studies

marketing services turnaround

early-stage health-care fraud mitigation tech company

New Brand launch had fallen behind schedule and budget due to transition to a new agency partner. The partner who developed Brand strategy transitioned off the account and implementation was being handled collaboratively with internal teams and a new agency partner. Accountable team leadership was lacking resources, therefore, deadlines and budgets were beginning to slip.
Adore was tasked to ‘right the ship’ and get the team back on track within short timeframe. We immediately built trust and rapport with the client and agency teams by providing focused support and accountability. New resources along with clear processes and systems were quickly added to expand capacity to hit immediate deadlines. Within 3 weeks, the team launched a website, social media campaign, print and digital brochure, style guide and video. These were quickly followed by a custom direct mail campaign. The engagement was extended to involve setting up an in-house marketing services department. Resources and systems from the 6 week sprint were installed and integrated into business operations. We continue to play an oversight role to manage the team and ensure marketing outcomes are delivered. The company continues to achieve greater brand awareness, happier stakeholders and more efficient operations.

business & marketing launch strategy

startup real estate investment firm 

Leadership wanted to go to market with its direct-to-consumer offering but needed to understand how to engage the consumer audience – and why the distributor-based model they used in other successful offerings wouldn’t translate. This team of experienced investment managers created an innovative single-family-rental investment product but needed to build both a comprehensive business strategy, and, cross-functional operations to deliver brand, sales, finance, asset management and partnerships. 
We developed a strategic plan that would enable the company to enter the market, accelerate asset buildup, move to scale and establish compelling value for acquisition within 3-5 years. The starting point was a 6 month pilot designed to introduce the brand while collecting data and developing insights to inform the evolution to scale. We designed a digital consumer strategy to join the discussions happening online between landlords, investors and their many advisors. A compelling new brand strategy, along with hypothesis personas and buyer journeys, were to be validated by the consumer target. Internally, a global data platform would be built that could power the company to go from being data-informed to data-driven as it grew to scale. And, a global marketing-tech platform plus ops and sales processes were designed. The plan set the foundation upon which the consumer business is being built.

brand positioning & activation

suburban community bank

A mid-size financial institution in Minneapolis was seeing too many of its valuable private and business banking customers leaving for other local banks. The goal was to understand the reasons behind the moves and reverse the trend.
We developed consumer insights during immersive sessions with customers and stakeholders that uncovered two core mismatches: very different perceptions of the brand experience by internal stakeholders and current customers, plus, misalignment of the sales approach to customer buying behaviors. Together we developed a new brand positioning and drove messaging adjustments across all marketing channels to elevate a simplified and relevant brand experience. Attrition was reversed and customer acquisition grew quickly, ultimately strengthening the company’s position for an upcoming merger.

go to market strategy

biotech training services in higher ed
The college of biological sciences at a large public university was striving to commercialize a workforce training service based on its deep expertise in certain biotech manufacturing environments. Leadership wanted guidance to transform its B2B experience into a new B2C model.
We identified a differentiating opportunity in the market that would set this service apart from the limited offerings at other academic institutions. It required a new brand story including the experience, narrative and name along with a global tech platform to deliver the most effective learning experience. Together with leadership we successfully drove internal support and focus on investing in this new external line of business. While the operational development was slowed by the onset of the global covid pandemic, the work set a new path for how to identify and commercialize opportunities in the college.

market insights, digital strategy & execution

medical tech pioneer
An innovative pain management device maker was looking to prepare for a new competitor to enter the market by accelerating adoption and building its position as the leader in the category. Also, while the brand had established an online presence, it lacked a comprehensive strategy to drive awareness and engagement for all the areas of the body it treats.
Lead the conversation online. We designed and deployed an integrated digital strategy to help shape the category discussions happening online with physicians and patients. We found insights in the existing research and new findings that hit on more emotional connections. The brand delivered meaningful information at the right moments online that drove engagement, and helped speed up the sales process. The first few weeks of the new program drove big increases in online engagement and sales indicating it had a position it could defend in the market.

internal comms strategy & execution

national health care company


A national health care company client was seeking to build a culture of continued learning and thought leadership for its Chief Medical Officers. These professionals already valued learning so the goal was to connect that personal value to the company mission. In an environment that is heavily process-oriented, the need to create access and encouragement in believable ways was key.

We started with the executive c-suite to build a foundation of readiness. We talked with stakeholders and audiences to identify opportune moments of interaction. The result was a well-integrated multi-channel approach. Communications were designed to drive engagement through content, on-site events, and personal conversations. The results for content engagement and word of mouth generated in the first weeks of the program exceeded expectations and set the stage for expanding the campaign.

branding & new product development

national public speaking coach
After 20 years as a coach to Fortune 500 brands and business leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers, this coach was ready to take her methods to the masses but needed help to shape that future.
We evaluated the existing brand and product set and sought input from key stakeholders to find the most compelling growth opportunities. Her high-touch style and manual business model was limiting growth of the existing product set. We developed a brand positioning, value proposition, audience segmentation and buying journey model that would drive online sales and serve an affinity community. The robust content strategy and media placements drove reach, engagement and revenue for the new on-demand curriculum.

brand & digital strategy framework

custom home builder/remodeler

Leadership was puzzled that their sales pipeline wasn’t full when they saw competitors overbooking. The 40+ year history of this local home builder had been built on word of mouth and one to one relationships and they were not embracing digital in the sales process. Their goal was to increase referrals and leads and didn’t know where to start.
We conducted immersive workshops with stakeholders and customers and found a major disconnect: the founders had not seen their lack of digital presence and strategy was keeping them out of consideration by both prospects and former customers. We also discovered that the brand name was thought to have strong affinity but it was hindering the brand because it was hard to spell and pronounce. We designed a strategy framework to align with the current buying journey and drive awareness and connection to the brand long before personal contact. A name change was put in line for future consideration. The top of funnel, sales-enablement and process we designed along with a strategic awareness campaign began to get the brand back into the consideration set and drive pre-qualified leads.

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